Tip: Using Keyboard Maestro to Empty Trash

DEVONthink has built-in safeguards to ensure that the database trashes are not emptied without confirmation, and even then, the documents are moved to the Finder’s Trash rather than deleted from the system. While I appreciate and understand the need for the safeguards that DEVONthink has in place, I’m pretty confident that when I delete something, I have done so intentionally. I’ve created the following Keyboard Maestro macro to automate the process of emptying the database trashes and also emptying the Finder trash. There’s also a Growl notification at the end which should be deleted from the macro if not needed.

I’ve assigned the default DEVONthink keystroke to empty the trash (Command-Shift-Delete) to run the macro. Note also the the macro has a pause statement to allow the ‘OK’ confirmation to appear on screen. I’ve found that 1/2 second is plenty of time for the dialog to appear, but you may need to adjust this delay for your usage.

The macro can be downloaded from CloudApp here.

By the way, Keyboard Maestro has just been updated to version 5.0 and there is a lot of nice additions. I had been a user of QuicKeys since the first day Don Brown released QuicKeys on CompuServe’s MAUG group back in '85 or '86, but I switched to Keyboard Maestro a couple of months ago and I really like the app.

I know this post is VERy old, but still felt a small Thank You is relevant!

Just started to look in to automation of my Mac and scripts and started with getting Keyboard Maestro.

Glad it was helpful!