Tip: Using Search to Reorganize your Files

I posted this idea in response to another question, and liked it enough to delete it from there and instead make a separate thread on the topic.

A feature that doesn’t get a lot of mention here is using Search to locate the destination across all databases where you want to move documents to (or from).

  • Arrange your database window and Search side by side.
  • In Search, search for anything.
  • If the search result is a group, then you can drag a file from the database window into that group in the Search window --> the document is moved.
  • Or ⌥-drag it and the document is copied.
  • The method works in reverse. Drag or ⌥-drag something from Search into a destination in your database window and it is moved or copied.

Because Search operates across all open databases, this is a good way reorganize your files, groups, and databases.

If you have Moom or Divvy you can configure them to quickly place a database window and Search side by side.

Agreed! This is great advice. Thanks, korm :smiley: