Tips for working with Archived results?

I have a search that runs once a day and is set to archive the results. When I have time throughout the day, I go through these results and see which ones are interesting, need to be read more closely, etc.

Is there a way for the archived results to have a read/unread flag in there somewhere? Today I may have 1000 items in the archive and have “processed” through 500 of them. Tomorrow when the search runs again, I may have 1100 items, but no way of easily seeing which ones I’ve already been through.

Is there a workflow I am missing here somewhere?


When I run a scheduled search set, I configure the Actions tab of the set to send me a list of the new results found for each run to my Mail email address. That’s an option under the Results group of action options.

That mail message will list the new items by page name, and the new items are clickable links to the listed pages.

Thanks Bill. That’s a good suggestion.

My current workflow is to have the search set save the results as an RSS feed. I then read that RSS feed in DTP. Items I like and want to keep are assigned tags, converted to a web archive and moved out of the feed folder and into an archive folder. This is workable, but less than perfect.

I prefer reading the search results in DT. I just like the format better. Plus, I like the ability to see how many files, emails addresses, links, etc are on the found page. I also like being able to send to DTP via the clipper. It allows me to choose a folder and set tags at that stage and (and this is big) get an Instapaper formatted PDF. Plus, I only have to have one program open.

The downside, of course, is that there’s no good way to track what has been read and what hasn’t.