Tips on creating scripted templates - .templatescript items

Hi DEVONthinkers,

I’m feeling I have some spare cranial capacity and my ambition has not yet been crushed by the reality of an implementation yet, so I’m going to ask a really basic question:

How do you go about scripting a DEVONthink template?

Implied question: How are they packaged and how could I look at the code of the ones that ship with DEVONthink?

Every moon shot begins with working out how to get out of bed to work out how to get shoes on to work out how to take a single step (before realising you forgot the socks), as they say…

Thanks for any clues, pointers, or indicators of documentation I’ve clearly missed. This looks like a stupidly useful part of DT that’s ripe for some exploration.

Just change the extension:

templatescript => scpt
templatescriptd => scptd

… oh - that’s easy, in hindsight!

Thanks, Christian!