Tips when getting a new iOS device & using iCloud

I just got the new 12.9 iPad and tried several times to sync via iCloud with a lot of problems.

When I closed DevonThink DTPO on my computer and on my iPhone it went perfect!

I have RSS feeds running 24/7 so that might have been what stopped iPads sync all the time or not.

Regardless, when not interfering with the database in iCloud it works very smooth!

Think this has to do with Apple but really do not know, just happy it works.

What kind of problems did you experience? Because this…

…should definitely not be necessary.

I tried to sync my new iPad with my 13GB database in iCloud. Did it during the night and morning and when my computer was connected to the same database it stopped after some GB.

I am assuming it was because items were added via my RSS feeds.

I tried five nights in a row, both wifi and LTE.

The night I turned my computer off off it worked perfect to sync.

I do not believe in coincidences…