"Title" attribute of files not found in devonthink

I have files that contain crucial information in the field “title” (not name). It can be seen when Information in finder is opened (under “weitere Informationen”), and it is searchable in finder. Once imported in Devonthink Pro, this field is not visible, and if searched, the files do not seem to be attributed with the content of whatever is written in “Title”. Is the information lost in the process of importing, or is there a workaround to keep it?

Hope I’m asking in the right place. Thank you for your help!

What kind of file? Did you check Inspectors > Document > Properties? Please note that a document title is not identical to an item name.

The file is a jpeg. under Inspectors > Document > Properties i do not have a field “title”. the information does not show up in another field either.

if it helps the understandign, here is one of the files:

its name is LBS_P1-612944.jpg, its TITLE is “Balzers”, which I cannot find after import…

Which app did you use to add this data? The properties returned by macOS’ CoreGraphics framework doesn’t include such a word.

And I also checked the results of the Spotlight importer plugin but it doesn’t contain the word either.

I did not create it, but downloaded it from an archive of the ETH Zürich, so I don’t know what app they used. here’s a screenshot of the ‘information’ window of the file in finder. the title is marked and is what I’d need in devonthink as well… thanks for your help!

That appears to be IPTC or EXIF data.

possibly, I don’t know either of these terms. Is that somehow searchable in devonthink?

FYI, I confirmed that it is contained in the IPTC data (IPTC Core, to be specific).

Thanks for the info. If there is a practical trick to extract that data and make it searchable in devonthink, that would be fantastic. In case anyone knows a trick…

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You could create an Apple Script to copy the Title field to one that DT does show, like Headline or Comment.

Could you upload a zipped version of the image? Just to ensure that the forum didn’t process/convert the image.

LBS_P1-612944.jpg.zip (3.5 MB)

The first image was indeed processed by our forum, now I can see the title too. Beta 2 will improve this.

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ok, looking forward to Beta 2 then…thanks for the quick reply!

thanks for the advice, unfortunately beyond my skills. I’m betting on Beta 2 and hope it will be out anytime soon.

Adobe Bridge does let you batch rename files based on metadata. So you could have it rename the files based on the title metadata field:

Amazing, it worked like a charm, thanks so much!

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