Title display and edit in one screen with information

Started using Devonthink as a replacement for Eaglefiler. Devonthink has more possibilities, hence the change. All is well except for one point. The information window on Devonthink does not show the title of the file. It is in a seperate screen. Merge the screens please into one using the layout of the information screen. (A docable information screen would also be appreciated). My database hinges on the titles. Those are human readable and meaningful. Filenames are simple because of the different clouds I use. Everybody has problems with some characters, so back to basic ASCII. Devonthink does not show the title in a nice way, a small column which only can be widened by deselecting other columns (no horizontal scroll?). It is not editable (e.g. in the three-pane layout.) I cannot find a setting to change this behavior. So I presume it works the way it works. Can’t find any references to this point on the fora. What am I missing?

Please post a screencap of what you’re describing.

This is what I would like:

This what it looks like in Devonthink:

This is the seperate screen in Devonthink. Which makes editing cumbersome because you have to switch. This screen can be integrated in info (shift-command-I in Devonthink)

Hope this helps.

Greetings Francis

That is the Properties window for PDFs and RTf files. It is not for general use. There already is an Info window. See Tools > Show Info.

Yep, but info screen does not show the title. That is the problem. No editable title field. It only show the filename which is not of much use since ampersands, double quotes, pipes etc. give rise to problems when using cloud services.
And I just found out that you cannot edit titles in the black property screen either. So that is a big problem for me. How can I add data linked to a file. Not as a seperate note or a spotlight comment. I want to add fields to a record, or the info screen for that matter.

I considered to start using a sparse dmg. But updating a 20Gigabyte file in a cloud service does not very promising.

So extending the info screen with title is still the best option as far as I am concerned.

Greetings Francis

You can change the title of a PDF in Tools > Show Properties if you have permissions to make such a change. These permissions vary file by file.

The PDF is not my problem. I want to change the title of ANY file in a simple way. And not in a seperate windows (takes to long) but in the three pane window or in the info screen which should show al information. Lightroom does the same. All meta information, regardless of how it’s named, in one screen. It makes browsing the database a lot easier. I cannot use filenames because of restrictions. And besides that I want to add info to a file. I’m searching for the database functionality. Tagging is great, groups are great, searching I’m learning.
Greetings Francis

Titles do not apply to all filetypes. The Properties window only applies to PDFs and RTF files, and not all the options are available in both. (Hovering over each field exposes what filetypes the field applies to.)
Spotlight Comments are used for arbitrary metadata not being placed in Tags.

Thanks for the explanation. Will look for alternative workflow in Devonthink.