Title must be at least 15 characters! Why?

Having used DT products for years, congratulations on the new user forum style.

Sometimes i wonder if the DTProOffice interface is outdated. But then I think so what? It does the job which, when all’s said and done, is what software is all about. So whilst the style of your user forum is as you say ‘shiny’, I am thankful that it is similar to the user forum for Rapidweaver. Thankful because the learning curve shouldn’t be too steep, I hope. For those of us obliged to accommodate a host of different visual languages* whenever we need information, want questions answered or like to contribute, adjusting to change is another challenge!

I am represented by Mog, my user name: the name of my dog, border terrier, long since deceased. Bitch, lovely personality: the sort of dog that people that don’t like dogs like.

  • Fonts, colours, graphics, icons, etc - they are all languages. Personally, for on-line communication, I prefer black text on white background only, font consistency, no colours, no graphics, no pictures, no photos or movies. In real life, I’d rather write than draw pictures, diagrams, rather listen than look at photos/pictures, listen to what is being spoken as distinct from having to also interpret (body language) gesticulations.

Thank you very much. It was about time.

Title must be at least 15 characters! Why?

Discourse is much more topic-oriented and short titles usually convey not enough information to distinguish them from other, maybe related topics. So 15 characters is a bit of a hint to write something useful for everyone :wink: