Title Path in Toolbar

I dont remember this ever being an issue before but I have run into an interface issue. It seems the path to a document or group now appears in the left of the toolbar. This now compresses the other icons such that my search field is now really small.

Is there a way to remove the path name in the toolbar. I just want the toolbar to be for icons and search.

Perhaps professor Bunsen Honeydew got hold of the DT manual and has been tinkering with your installation of DT? After all, the future is being made today!

It might be one of his trustworthy assistants @BLUEFROG or @cgrunenberg knows what’s going on.

I think what @anon6914418 might be saying is that this isn’t happening to those of us who have yet to be visited by the good professor :see_no_evil:

I don’t have a path in my toolbar at all and it’s not obvious to me how I would get one if I wanted one there. But if you want rid of it, see what happens if you right-click the toolbar, select customise toolbar and then drag the custom set up there.

(And if that doesn’t work: are you using window management software if any kind? Which version of DT and macOS?)

Thank you. I have tried all those solutions, alas to no avail.

I am using DT 3, and Mac OS 11.0

There was only one if I counted right :slight_smile:

I also haven’t got a clue what’s going on. AFAIK there’s no hidden preference beside ShowAdditionalInfoInPathBar (but I don’t think that’s related, and needs to be activated first).

I think it’s best to open a support ticket or wait for a response by @BLUEFROG or @cgrunenberg.

Presumably this is an incompatibility between Big Sur and DT3 - certainly worth the team at DT knowing, but it might be something that gets put on a list rather than receives a hot fix :wink:

That’s the default handling of Big Sur, the user interface of DEVONthink 3 has not yet been fully optimized for it (probably soon after its final release).

Makes sense, as the professor usually asks his assistants to try out new and exciting inventions. Whether it’s edible paperclips, a banana sharpener or beta software apparently :slight_smile:

:paperclips: :paperclips: :paperclips:

:banana: :banana:

I thought it might be a Big Sur thing…

I will wait after its final release. Thanks

I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.


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macOS 11.1 is now available. Has anyone found a way to hide or reduce the size of the Title Path in the toolbar? It occupies a lot of valuable real estate.


See Window Toolbar hidden preference

See Window Toolbar hidden preference

Thank you once again, @pete31. I appreciate all the assistance you have provided…

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