To-Do List?

I’m new to Mac and new to DT, so forgive me if the answer to my question is obvious.

Has anyone used DT as a To-Do or Task List? An Outline formt is ideal for me as I like to group my Tasks by categories I assign, and have them all print out in one document.

I tried setting up one master group clled TASKS, and created sub-folders under it for each category. Then each separate Task was an .rtf note. But I couldn’t figure out how to print out the whole thing as one document.

So I’m lookin for advice. Anyone tried something like this?

Thanks in advance.

R. Barre

I am using Devonthink to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done and have posted a template for this on my blog, which I am in the process of updating.

My new way of dealing with Next Actions (roughly the equivalent of to-do-list items or tasks in the gtd method) consist in

  1. Creating a sheet wich I call my dashboard, with a number of different columns, which can be printed as a single document (or exported as an html file).
  2. Creating each next action as a record in the sheet in question.
  3. Using the repliquant function of Devonthink to place a copy of each next action in the relevant context folder (@home, @office, @computer, …)