To get the Sorter on the bottom, use a 2nd monitor

I’m in OS X 10.5.8 on a PB G4 and have a second monitor attached to the right of my PowerBook . Getting the sorter positioned at the bottom of the PB screen has been a struggle. For some reason, I cannot not drag the Sorter from the left or right edges of the PB screen to the bottom. Tech support thinks that this is because the Dock is there, but on my PB the dock is hidden.

Here’s how I finally succeeded in getting the Sorter to the bottom edge.

  1. I dragged the Sorter to the right-hand edge of the second monitor screen;
  2. I dragged it to the bottom of that screen.
  3. I could not drag it to the PB screen from successfully from there. So, I detached that monitor physically from the PB, and the Sorter then moved to the bottom of the PB screen when the display restarted.
  4. I re-attached the second monitor, and voila’! the Sorter stayed on the bottom of the PB screen.


I have a similar set-up. I might be on the wrong track, but I wonder if your problem was anything to do with the positioning of the two monitors in system preferences. If the PB screen sits in the middle relative to a larger auxiliary monitor, of course you can’t drag the pointer along the bottom of the larger screen and onto the smaller one – it stops when it gets to the “step” between the two, and has to be moved upwards before it can slide onto the smaller screen.

Just a thought.

Martin BB.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try to arrange the monitors in the Displays Preference Pane so that the bottom screen edges were at the same level. Perhaps more fine tuning would have helped, but unplugging and plugging were simpler…

The original problem was that with only the prime monitor operating, I could not drag the Sorter to the bottom edge. Luckily, now that I’ve put it there, it reappears there following a restart.