To Go Always Crashes on Second Search

When I search twice in a row, DevonThink To Go consistently crashes on the second search.

A video:

Has DEVONthink To Go asked if you want to send crash reports?

If that’s not the case (and assuming that you sync with iTunes), you can find crash reports at:

If you could find the crash reports for DEVONthink To Go and send them to, that would be appreciated.

Also, what iOS version are you running? You can find this by going to the Settings app > General > About > Version.

On installation, DevonThink To Go did ask me to allow it to send crash reports. I agreed. Since then, it hasn’t prompted me for permission to send one, though. Is it happening in the background?

I will check for the crash log on my home machine; if there, I’ll happily send it in.

I’m running 4.3.1 (8G4) on a WiFi-only 64GB iPad.

Yes, sending crash reports happens in the background, so we should be getting them (although I can’t confirm that we received your particular reports, as they are anonymous).

Here’s hoping that you find some crash logs, as I wasn’t able to reproduce this when I tested it. But I’ll keep an eye out for this issue.

Jon, I see the same behavior on my iPad 2-my iPhone doesn’t do this. You should have my crash reports as I instructed DTTG to submit them.


Would you mind sending us the crash logs directly? I’ve been looking through crash logs recently, but haven’t found any that I can link to this issue with absolute certainty. Any crash logs that you can send will help me link the crash with the correct cause.

I just opened a ticked on two search crashes that I just created, just for you Jon! I also instructed DTTG to report these as well, so if they are not coming across, then the internal crash reporter is amiss.

Thanks! I’ll be taking a look at them soon to see what I can learn.