To Group... & Move To

I really love these tools, and use them frequently when processing my inbox. However, I would love to see the option to enable the search to include the parent folder/group names as well as the actual group or folder I’m searching for.

For example, if I’ve got a group I want to jump to named, “Health”, but that group is housed in folders, “Receipts” > “2018”, it’d be cool to be able to search for something like “hea rec 18” and have just that folder pop up as a result.

Sorry if this isn’t making sense, but overall, I’d just like the parent groups/folders’ names to be considered when searching inside the To Group… and Move To… features.


That would syntactically be more difficult since it’s not following a known pattern.
You could have entered 18 hea rec and expected that to match too. Also, that could easily match a group named `“18 hearing aid recommendations”, not just the group you’re thinking of :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally speaking, I’d like the popovers to only match items in the current database unless it was preceded by a control character, like a + .

+ health would match groups in all databases.
health would match groups in the current database.

But I digress, and these are matters for @cgrunenberg (and others) to weigh in on :slight_smile:

Ah yes, that does make sense. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts as well. :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue and would love to see the “+” solution implemented

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Oh, and just another example as well: I’d love if these features in DT3 could function the same way OmniFocus 3’s “Quick Open…” feature works. I attached a screenshot of a search string that’s similar to what I was attempting to explain when I first posted this question. :slight_smile:

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@BLUEFROG Is there a specific way to submit this as a feature request? Or do I just go ahead and leave it here? Thanks!

The Forums are a good place for feature requests.
If they’re posted on the forums, other people can weigh in with their opinions about it.

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