To Index or not to Index

I used the index function on some of the folders . It sure is fast but once you index the contents of a folder it doesn’t seem to update the contents. For example if I add a new doc into the folder or remove one nothing happens in DT. I could not find an option to “update” indexing. Of course I can re-index but that causes the whole folder to be copied again and not convenient especially if you are moving things around.

Any solutions to this? Should I forget about indexing on dynamic folders?

Synchronization (coming in v1.9) will probably solve this. But at the moment indexing is  recommended for static folders or reference material - e.g. Apple’s developer documentation, CDs etc.

what’s the difference between index and link?

The manual gives me in this point a "fuzzy" explication.



Content search, “See Also”, classify, word lists etc. are not available for linked documents and you can’t edit them (like indexed documents too).