TOC for "Merge and Delete"

Would be helpful if the resulted merged document have an auto-generated TOC as front page, of list of topics of each individual document.

What kind of documents do you actually merge?

Most of them are webarchive clips by Devonthink, occasionally pdf generated by “Print to Devonthink”

Markdown and PDF support tables of content.
What are you expecting to see when merging webarchives?

On average once a week, when I have accumulated dozens of read articles in INBOX (most of which are DTP clips in webarchive format on various topics), I use “Merge and Delete” to combine them together with a name of modified date, and move to an archive folder for later search.

To me, the only missing part in the merged document is a front page with a list of included article titles. It would be a quick reminder of the different topics being put together in that week.

No promises and this is the only request we’ve seen, but it is noted.

Thanks! It would be nicer. Currently I can select the articles and create TOC as a separate Rich text file, then use “Merge and Delete” with this TOC file together. Just think it would be natural to include TOC by default in the merged document.

I’m not sure how “natural” it would be as this is the only request, but as I said, it’s noted.

Understood :slight_smile: Thanks again.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: