Toggle Docs only vs Folders only in Main Window

Let’s assume that I open or go to the Inbox which I use a lot for work in progress. Each Inbox Subgroup is a different project I am working on.
In the Main Window, I know how to either display Inbox Documents Only or both Folder and Documents.
Just in terms of my personal workflow preferences, I also would like to be able to display Inbox Subgroups only in the Main Window. Is this possible ?
I know that it is possible in the sidebar, but I really don’t like working in the sidebar when I am configuring Inbox SubGroups. (I am a bit crazy)
thank you very much

No but the preference to keep groups on top might be a good a workaround.

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great workaround ! thank you Christian

Is there any way to insure that folders are always collapsed ? thank you

No, there’s none.

thank you