tool bar search field scrolling

Been a problem for me for a long time- not sure if it’s a known issue or something I don’t know about but very frustrating.

The “search” field in the window tool bar doesn’t allow scrolling when the text is longer than the window; so I can’t see the full search string or get to the end to add to it.

what am I missing here?

Did you try cmd-shift-F?

Brings up a big window, which can be resized, and has a bigger search field.

Place the cursor in the Query field and hold the Right Arrow key to move the cursor to the right.

I prefer using the full Search window, which has more features.

I agree the Full Search window is better and that’s what I’ve reverted to (much larger search field.

But be aware, the right arrow to move beyond the end of a full search field doesn’t work (using Safari-Version 8.0.4 (10600.4.10.7)- for either a Search window or a regular document window

I’ll turn it in again as a bug- but this has been around a long time.