toolbar button/dropdown for enabling javascript, etc

It would be very useful to be able to enable and disable java, javascript, images, etc on-the-fly instead of having to go to the preferences dialog. Typically I surf with Javascript et. al. disabled, then enable them for specific sites when required.

There is no need to get too sophisticated with this (e.g. per-tab settings, or whitelists for known-good sites); a global enable/disable toggle for each of the ‘web content’ options in Preferences would be good.

With regards to using DA as a default browser (normally I use it for research-related content and searches), I wouldn’t mind some anti-spoofing measures too. Nothing complex, just stuff like the ability to display the IP address of the site hosting the page, the ability to detect IDN sites, and the ability to view HTTP data before (or even after) send – this last one would be particularly useful for viewing POST data sent by web forms (e.g. when making a DA plugin for a search engine).

Actually, all of this information could be displayed in a ‘Page Info’ or ‘Page Status’ window or view, which could show for example:

  • are (java, flash, etc) applets coontained in page
  • is javascript used in page
  • what meta tags are in the page
  • what form actions are in the page
  • was the page loaded using HTTPS (usually a lock icon)
  • does the page use an IDN character set
  • what is the name (dns) and IP (reverse dns) of the host
  • what is the get data for the page (sent from prev page)
  • what is the post data for the page (sent from prev page)

The IP, IDN, and HTTP ideas are all based on these ffox extensions:

This type of information would make using DA a lot safer. Currently I’m afraid to use it for untrusted sites, even with Javascript/etc disabled, as it is difficult to verify that the page I am viewing is indeed from a trusted party.