Toolbar Scripts - How to Add Dropdown Menus?

Is it possible to add dropdown menus to user-created toolbar scripts, like with the Labels button? If so, could someone point me to an example? Thanks!

By way of background, for more complex scripts - where there are multiple options - I often feed my toolbar scripts from DEVONthink Pro into Alfred, and then use its menu to select what I’d like to do. However, I like the simplicity of an immediate dropdown, like with DEVONthink’s Label toolbar shown below:


Is it possible for users to create scripts that they add to the toolbar, which have their own dropdown menu? To be clear, I understand that it’s possible for users to add their scripts to the toolbar (I have tons). However, I’d love to be able to add some with dropdowns to help decrease clutter.

If it’s possible, could someone point me towards an example or provide some advice for how to accomplish this via AppleScript?

Thanks a ton!

No this is not possible.
There is only the built-in Scripts button and you can add Toolbar scripts individually, but no they can’t have their own dropdown menu.

It’d be great if AppleScript allowed that! I assume you know this, but when I have a script with multiple options, I’ll have it launch either a “display dialog” or “choose from list”, as in:

set answer to the button returned of (display dialog "What part of the document do you want to link to?" buttons the options default button 1)


set theChoice to (choose from list theList with prompt {"Choose which heading to jump to: "} default items "" OK button name "Go To") as string

@BLUEFROG Thanks for letting us know.

@dansroka Yeah, I’m aware the traditional AppleScript ways of selecting options. At the moment, I usually run these things through Alfred so I can have more control over their appearance. However, I love the simplicity of the Labels toolbar button in DEVONthink, and was hoping to replicate its look and feel with my own DEVONthink scripts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this functionality gets added at some point down the road! Thanks for your help!!

You can create any multi-level hierarchy you want with the scripts menu, not toolbar

I use more Keyboard Maestro’s app-dependent menu, you can quickly turn on/off needed elements with a simple tick.