Toolbar Search Hit - Search Inspector No Hit

Hey! I am having this weird behavior:

  1. Toolbar search returns a lot of matches, some of them with a full red search-rank bar.

  2. Opening any of those documents, including the top match, and using the exactly same search term in the Search inspector returns no matches.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Specific example:
Top Match File (full bar):
CE - SEC3 - Fuero de Atracción - Régimen de Responsabilidad Privado Particulares Codemandados.pdf (502.7 KB)

Toolbar Search: “derecho de” NEAR “particulares” /// Ignore Diacritics and Fuzzy both unchecked.

Search Inspector: “derecho de” NEAR “particulares” /// Ignore Case and Enable Operators & Wildcards both checked.


Thank you for the sample document! It’s a known issue of the database search in case of phrases used for proximity operators. The recommended workaround is to just use words/wildcards for proximity toolbar searches, e.g. derecho NEAR particulares. Or if this should yield too many undesired results, then (derecho NEAR particulares) AND (de NEAR particulares) should be more precise.


Thank you! The workaround does work!