Toolbar Search to Exclude Indexed Files

I have a large amount of external data that is indexed in my databases. And, often do not want to include that type of file in simple search results.

I’ve used a Smart Group > Instance is Indexed to group all indexed items. Then assigned a specific label to differentiate them.

The label (magenta) in search result rankings does help to distinguish those indexed entries, but is there a simple way they can be eliminated entirely from appearing?

Add a criterion of Instance IS NOT Indexed.

The full Search window has a number of capabilities not available in the Toolbar query (which is why I prefer it).

To exclude Indexed items, click on the Advanced button and set these criteria:
All of the following are true
Instance is not Indexed

Tip: If you find yourself repeating a search using the same criteria, you may want to turn it into a smart group. In the full Search window, just click on the “+” button to the right of the query field and name and save the new smart group.

Thanks Bill. I get it, but was hoping for something Google-style to enter in the query like:
search term AND instance:indexed
search term NOT instance:indexed
Or something based on my Indexed label like:
search term -label:Indexed
Those strings are easier to enter in a query using keystroke expansion than the multiple clicks and entries required in the Advanced Search options.

Do you have a text expander utility installed? As almost all approaches to doing that involve hacking OS X, I don’t.

Bill, I use the standard OSX expansion in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text (tab). No hacking involved, although I also do use the utility Butler for initiating some scripts and keystroke sequences.