Is there any way to turn off tootips?

No. Which ones (e.g. in which view/window) do you want to disable?

frankly, i’d like to turn them all off. but the ones that really bug me are the ones the pop up over groups and items (i’m using DTPO as an RSS reader in 3-pane view).

Driving me crazy over here…

They are like a mosquito flying around that you just can’t get rid of. You have to keep wiggling the mouse just like you have to keep shaking your arms and legs so the &%$$##! thing won’t alight on you and bite. So I have to take extra care to be sure the cursor doesn’t come to rest over a list, lest I get bitten… :neutral_face:

What’s more, the bloody gnats don’t seem to give any more information that shown in the info bar.

OK, that’s my gripe for the year!