Topic Filtering (more colors?)

Thanks for the great product guys.  One small suggestion I have that might make it a wee bit better (for me at least).  

Currently, when the digest is filtered by selecting certain topics, all of the matching words in the digest are highlighted – this is great.  However,  they are all highlighted in the same color.   I would love it if you could highlight the different topic words in different colors in the digest to make it easier to find the sections where more than one of the terms are close to each other, or to make it easier to scan for certain terms preferentially.

Thanks for the suggestion - sounds like a good idea and will be added to v1.0.1.

It would also be nice to preserve the Digest view in DA’s archive.

Flagging or labelling items (in both DT and DA) would be useful - better than checkboxes.

And finally - there should be a column displaying the URL of the site in the archive.


thanks for the suggestions. Most of the requested features will come in the near future (probably DA 1.1 and DT 1.8).


Thanks! I thought they might, just adding my "vote"…

Just wondering what ever happened to the idea of adding more colors to the topic filtering.  It’s still someting I’d love to see added to DA.

This will come but has a low priority at the moment (v1.2.2 will be basically a bug fix release and v1.3 will add i.e. translation of pages).