Topic Visualiser


I’ve just started using DevonAgent again, and discovered the new Topic Visualiser (if that’s what it’s called - I couldn’t find it in the help file), which I really like as a way of presenting information.

What I’m wondering is, once you’ve created an Archive from a Search, is it possible to re-open the Archive in the Search window, as that seems to be the only place that the visualiser is available.



That’s currently not possible but a future release might add a visualizer to the archive.

Hi Christian,

may I ask, what the visualizer is actually meant for? It shure looks cool, but apart from that: What can I use it for?

I know, clicking on a peripheral word brings it to the center and rearranges the graph and search hits according to the occurence/weighting of this particular word.

However, the same could be achieved by just clicking the keywords in the list. So, what for do I need this weird graphical representation?

Actually, I believe, I am missing the meaning of the lines in the graph. Maybe, if I understood the underlying idea of them, I would find the graph useful.

Therefore, I rephrase my question: How am I supposed to read/interpret the visualizer?




the visualizer shows context-sensitive (based on the search results) relationships of words (and more words than the list to the left) and provides you a first impression about the search results. Poor visualization usually means that the results are poor and/or not related to each other and/or contain no useful information.

For example, search for “Apple Computer” (without quotes) using the “Internet (Fast Scan)” set. Now click on Apple in the list to the left - the visualizer will immediately tell you that Apple is related to Computer(s), Macintosh, Steve, Jobs, Intel, Microsoft and so on.

Of course that’s what most Mac users already know :slight_smile:

Does it make sense to expect DTP to include such a cool tool in future updates?

Yes, a future release will feature something similar.

Everyone is talking about a visualizer in version 2.0 (beta 8). Where can I find this visualizer? I don´t see a button nor do I see a menu option… Very strange… Maybe, because I use Mac OS X (10.4.4) in german?

Run a search, select the digest (“Übersicht”) tab and then a word in the topics (“Themen”) list.[/list]

I like the visualizer. It produces meaningful graphic representations. What do the colors of the nodes mean?

Yellow…Red: Word is part of the main topics list (to the left of the Digest tab)
Blue: Word is not part of the main topics list

It’s frustrating to get 700 hits you want to go through, but are interrupted and can’t go back to later with the ability to visualize.



I like the visualiser a great deal but agree it is not well documented or utilised.
I use a screen capture to turn the visualiser into a jpg and use it to show the relationship between ideas, then go into details to explain each idea.

I would love to see more explanation of the rationale for construction of the relationships expressed in the visualiser.

chris reed