Total Newb Question

Really ignorant question that I have despite reading the manual for DevonThink, which I just downloaded. How exactly do you clip from a Web page? On the very good blog, Tech Ronin, I read that she does so by hitting Cmd-shift -). And here’s where I look really stupid–I’m not even sure what that means. When I hit Cmd, then the shift key, then the closing parentheses key, nothing happens. I’m sure this sounds quite foolish to many, but I’m so new at this…Thanks in advance.


Select the text in your browser, then press and hold down Shift, Command, )

If that doesn’t work, perhaps another application on your computer has ‘highjacked’ that keyboard shortcut. If so, go to the menu bar and click on DEVONthink, Services, DEVONthink, Take Rich Note. That should work.

Personally, I usually use the WebKit browser built into DEVONthink. When I’m viewing a Web page, I can select text/images and Control-click on the selected area, then choose the Capture Note option. (You can import your regular browser’s bookmarks into DEVONthink by going to menubar and choosing File > Import > Bookmarks/ Camino or Safari or Firefox or OmniWeb.)

Thanks, Bill. The first option doesn’t work; is there a way to figure out which application took it (I have an early version of StickyBrain)?

And the second option doesn’t work either–when I go to DevonThink, Services, there is no option for DevonThink…

Really appreciate your help. I’ve seen your advice in the Circus Ponies forum, too.

Make sure the DEVONthink program package is located in your Applications folder. Then, log out and in again so that the Finder can register DEVONthink’s services.



Thanks. I’m not at my Mac right now, but I will try that. Congrats on all the tremendous publicity you’ve been receiving lately. I work in communications also, and I know how valuable that can be!

Recalled to edit. I now have services; thanks. But can anyone tell me how I can clip, or capture, text with the shortcut described above? Is there a way to figure out whether another app “hijacked” the shortcut. Merci beaucoup.


From your last post, it seems that you were able to select text you were viewing in your Web browser, navigate to the menu bar and capture the text into DT via DEVONthink > Services > DEVONthink > Take Rich Note. That’s working, right?

(Note: Services don’t work under Internet Explorer. I assume you are using Safari or another browser that takes advantage of Services. There are other reasons why I recommend Safari or OmniWeb for working with DT, but I won’t go into that here.)

So now the question is why the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-) isn’t working.

Perhaps another application is using that same shortcut for Services. Example: I use NoteTaker and like it, but NoteTaker uses the same shortcut and that prevented me from using it in DEVONthink. Fortunately, NoteTaker allows the user to redefine shortcuts, and I was able to do that and regain functionality of the shortcut in DEVONthink. Most applications (including DEVONthink) don’t allow the user to redefine keyboard shortcuts. If you can’t get this shortcut to work, you might look into one of the utilities such as QuickKeys, which lets users define their own keyboard commands. Some people can remember lots of keyboard shortcuts and are heavily into them; I can’t, and I’m not.

Here’s an irony. I can’t use this particular shortcut in DEVONthink Pro, because I keep a copy of DT PE 1.9.2 in my Applications folder – and DT PE ‘hijacks’ the shortcut from DT Pro. I do all my database work in DT Pro, and use one of DEVONtechnologies’ free utilities that adds Services to the contextual menu options. So, when I’m capturing text/images from a Web page under Safari, that’s how I do it.

Actually, I do most of my note captures from DT’s own WebKit browser. I use the contextual menu options there to either Capture Page or Capture Note. Quick, efficient and I’m happy with the process. It’s very ergonomic on my TiBook with SideTrack installed. Hit the click bar and select the option, without taking my hands off the keyboard.

Bill, which utility adds services to a contextual menu unde Safari?

Ummm… I was afraid someone would ask that. I think its one of the DT free utilities, but I don’t remember.

In any case, I do have a contextual menu option for Services, and that’s very convenient.

If I may butt in, I think you are looking for ICeCoffEE

It’s great!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I had originally passed on that because of APE.

I’ll give it another try.

I’ve seen some whining about APE, but in three years using it thru various versions & OS releases have never once had a problem with it.

Go for it!

I’ve had tons of problems in the past when using APE based products. Perhaps keeping it to a minimum will stem that.

Anyone have ICeCoffEE working with OmniWeb?

It works great for Safari but not in OW.

Thanks again

I agree with Chuck. Although Christian cautions about haxies, I’ve been running APE for a long time with no stability problems, through multiple OS releases and upgrades.