Totally disappointed

After strugling two days with sync issues, poor text editor, various bugs I decided to trash this app. I am very sorry but I do not have time to waste on poorly thought software.

I will check in the future if you ameliorate DTTGO. Meanwhile I continue to use the wonderful desktop app.

Emilio Speciale

I am afraid I have to agree. I cannot figure out how to sync between my Mac and my iPhone. Things were simpler with the prior version. I would be very grateful for step-by-step tutorial on how to go about syncing with using Dropbox? Please?

Try sync with CloudMe, it works excellent!


I am finding myself joining the “totally disappointed” party.

The new interface is lovely, the functionality within ipad, fine. But I have been tinkering with it for more than a week now, and so far have not had a single successful sync.

I think the best solution would be for someone from Devonthink to post a video tutorial - it might just address many people’s befuddlement with syncing.