I’m loving DevonThink in theory, but getting frustrated by the poor manual/help system.  First example, I’ve searched manuals, forums, etc, and can not find what the heck TOUCH is in the contextual menu (cmd click) on a document.  I’ve tried it, can’t figure out what happened if anything?  10.3.2 and 1.8.

Anyone know?

And if any from Devon are listening, why in the world isn’t the help file built into the best db management program on my computer, DT?  One who does not want it can always delete it…  Yes I’ve D/L it and added it myself, but I don’t think a new user would be annoyed at quickly finding answers to their questions…

thanks for an otherwise great product!

TOUCH resets the creation date of a file to the date and time that you execute the command.

Touch updates the modification date/time.  Open the Info window on an item, click the Touch button, and the Modified field, not Created, will update.

OOps…that’s what I meant to say. ;D

I’ll add a command to import the help files (or maybe DT will import the files automatically after launching it for the first time).