Touchbar Support for Devonthink 3

I changed a little my BetterTouchTool’s Touchbar setting for DT3 (see original one above): now with color (better to distinguish between apps) and with an extra “key” for OCR selected item.

Just to compare, this is the Bookends’ setting: export selected reference in several formats; send reference by email; export pdf with no annotations; quick add a reference (via DOI, etc); and autocomplete reference.

I use so much the Touchbar and it is such an important part of my regular workflow that I would very much miss it by now.


I agree entirely – see also

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I like the current Touchbar Support. Specifically, when I edit rtf-documents, I like the quick access to text colors and bold/italic/underlined. I don’t need much more than that, keep it simple :wink:


Alright, you got me interested in BTT now. There goes the morning.