Tracking Tasks in DTPO

I’ve hit upon a useful application of the “outline” document type. DTPO is the control-center for my work, and I have a number of databases. I usually create individual databases for large general purposes or projects.

To keep track of tasks that I need to do relative to the projects and/or the databases, I create a “Data > New > Outline” document and name it so that it floats to the top of the group list (usually “** Work Plans”). With that group selected, I use ctrl-cmd-N to create individual tasks with their state showing. I added a comment to top level “**Work Plans” group in the Info panel: @work_plans.

Over in the side bar I created a “Work Plans” smart group that looks across all open databases for “Comment Matches work plans”. This picks up all the individual “**Work Plans” outline documents and their subdocuments and shows me at a glance what needs to be done across all the open databases. I use the “Split” view with this.

(Unless a database is open, the side bar smart group will not know about these outline documents.)

Interesting application. Have you found a way to make your outline groups work with the Sorter’s note taker? I’d like to be able to write a note and drop it into an outline group (that much I can do) and have DT automatically show its state. For the latter I’ve played around with attaching an applescript to the outline group but can’t make it work.

I don’t use Sorter. But, I can confirm your findings. It shouldn’t require an Applescript; it looks like a bug. The manual states that:

I would assume “created” includes TakeNote. Maybe Christian will take note of this? :confused: