Training movies?

I’ve found a lot of Bill’s explanations helpful, especially ones in the form of “here’s how you might use this feature in a real example”.

How about producing some movies, even if they were only screen captures using Snapz Pro with a voice-over, giving basic intros for new users and examples of how some of the features can be used? I think they would be popular…

Hey, thanks for the “more work” suggestion! :smiley:

Actually, that’s a good idea. In the long run, it could reduce user support work, as well as being a good marketing tool.

How about some comments and topic recommendations from the forum?


To be honest this is a good idea – although I do considerable advocation in my circles, passerbys hitting the DEVON website still often say so wtf does it do? I don’t think the static html and handful of screenshots is doing enough justice for opening the market to people that are not familiar with this genre of technology.

Marketing strategy needs to be bent on a generation of people that Google everything and why Google is not interesting enough. My take on Google has always been this… If you are looking for POPULAR information, you can easily find it on Google, but if the information is not known by many, demoting its hit rate and slot in the search response, you’ll be clicking thru many sites to find the information you’re looking for. The more unpopular it is the less useful Google can be.

Even in the Windows circles there aren’t many people that have heard of Copernic either – I work with a handful of people that utilize Copernic and they are all analysts… just the same I’ve converted a handful of people over to depending on DT and DA as well.

Uncommon technology does not sell itself unfortunately. When you use the term Artificial Intelligence you will get a lot of “riiiight” responses unless you can show verifiable objective evidence.

We will publish on-screen movies in the near future. We have everything we need, we just need some time to actually create them.



I will be looking forward to these! DT is a new concept for me, so any help - especially visual - will help a great deal.

Thanks. :smiley: