Transclusion syntax

I share my notes between Obsidian and DT. There seems to be a difference in which the transcluded links are written between the two. DT requires me to add the parent directory of the note (which is the obsidian vault name) while obsidian does not. Is there a way to reconcile this?

Obsidian syntax: ![[]]
DT syntax: ![vault/]]

Are both documents in the same group? Then this shouldn’t be necessary.

Thanks. I put the linked note in a sub group within the group that has the main note. The wikilink [[]] now works as intended. But transclusion does not ![[]].
I also tried putting both files in the same group, and had similar results.

PS: does it matter if these are indexed files?

I can confirm that ![[]] works for me on both sides of DT<>Obsi pair. I index Obsidian Vault (folder) directly into DT. Both documents do indeed reside within one group/folder/vault for that to work.

There is a bit of this explained in the DT help (Help>Devonthink3 help):

Here’s a clip showing my issue. I can only get the wikilink to work and the link breaks when I change it to a transclusion syntax.

My obsidian vault is also indexed directly into DT.

Very interesting. I can only say that exactly same syntax works here.
Just in case, I am using these settings:

I’m curious if you really intend to WikiLink to groups.

Yes, same settings here

Unless of course I should use the dark mode, lol

@BLUEFROG - can you help figure this out?

I don’t use Obsidian so I’m not sure how you’re indexing a vault.

PS: I’m curious if you really intend to WikiLink to groups.

Thanks for the revert.

No, I am not trying to Wikilink to a group. But to a note within a group.

The obsidian vault is indexed into DT database. I had a video in one of the earlier post on how the wikilink works but transclusion does not.

I would switch the WikiLinks preferences to Only documents then. This will eliminate false hits, including tags.

Noted, and I adjusted that preference. But the issue remains as it was.

Sometimes yes actually.
One example is building a dashboard whereby it points to groups (not documents).

Screencaps could be useful as it’s unclear what kind of dashboard you are referring to.