Transfer DT3 to a new iMac

Good morning,

Running DT3 3.8.5 (in French) I am about to change from my ‘old’ iMac on 12.5.1 to a brand new iMac M1.
I have an external weekly back-up with “Files and folders” + “Database archives” which I intend to import on my new iMac after having downloaded the latest version of DT3.
Is that the correct way ?
As I read New computer and transferring databases - DEVONthink - DEVONtechnologies Community, I wonder which is the most ‘professional’, drag & drop or using the DT3 import tool?
The ‘old’ iMac will be restored to factory settings and given to a friend’s son. I intend to keep the same user name on the new iMac as well as keeping the same structure of files/folders thus :
-1- Will internal link of DT3 sheets to folders be maintained ?
-2- If I am unable to keep my previous user name, is there a tip to change it in one shot or do I have to make the change in each and every internal link ?

As for some (not to say all) others, DT3 is paramount for the handling of infos, docs etc on my iMac I absolutely want to succeed in switching smoothly from one iMac to the other and all advice is good to take.
Thanks B4hand.

There is no professional way.

There is a blog post on this…

  • UUIDs in the database should not be affected.
  • Your user name should not matter to the migration.
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OK - Thank you

You’re welcome.

I plan to purchase a new Macbook in the next month. Thank you!!!

Very nice and you’re welcome!

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