Transfer folders between databases

I created two databases in my newbie phase, and realize that the I need to reorganize both into one, super database. How might I do this, as I can only open one database at a time?



[1] In the Finder, create a new target folder that will receive material exported from one of your databases.

[2] Open the smaller (or whichever you prefer) DT Pro database. At the top level view, Select All (Command-A) to select all the visible groups/documents.

[3] Select File > Export > Files & Folders, navigate to the target folder and export the contents of the database.

[4] Open the other database, that is to merge in the exported content of the first database.

[5] Select File > Import > Files & Folders. Navigate to your ‘target’ folder in the Finder and import it or its contents.

That’s it. You may want to do a bit more reorganizing, but now you have your “super” database. :slight_smile: