Transferring a seat to new computer

I just freed one of my two seats of the old computer and now I want to connect my new computer to the available seat. How do I do that?

Simply enter your license data in the appropriate window (which, IIRC, is to be found in the DEVONthink menu under the heading “license“ or some such - it will be obvious to you anyway)

Thanks, I did that and it was able to connect my new iMac (that’s what it looks like), but the databases don’t sync.

What kind of sync location do you use?


Is DEVONthink 3 enabled in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive? Did you add the sync location to Preferences > Sync and use the same encryption key?

Yes to all questions, except I didn’t use an encryption key.

  • What do you mean by “they don’t sync” ?
  • Did you transfer the databases to the new Mac or import them from the sync location?

Remember: DEVONthink won’t magically import your databases from a sync location. That’s a decision for the user, not the software to make.

I transferred my main database manually to the new computer and opened it in Devonthink 3.5 . After checking all the boxes I was expecting the database to be updated, but neither the Global Inbox nor my Mainbase are being updated. What am I doing wrong?

What’s reported in Window > Log?

Invalid encryption key
Great, now that you’ve asked I did check with the other database, and indeed, I did use an encryption key, contrary to what I said before. Fortunately I was able to find it in my Password 1 app and now it seems to be working :slight_smile: Sorry for wasting anybody’s time asking questions which could have been solved by myself, but thanks a lot anyway. I really appreciate the quick response!

As Jim recently* wrote, I don’t think anybody posting here will feel their time has been wasted when in the end your problem has been solved. It’s other people’s prompts which often point those in need of assistance in the right direction. Who solves the problem doesn’t matter :slight_smile: glad you got it fixed :+1:t3:

* well, I’m sure he did, but I sure as heck can’t find where it was. So I hope he won’t disown the quote :see_no_evil:


Might I say IMO time is never wasted if you learn from the experience of understanding it, even if the problem wasn’t solved in the end. That’s the strength of this community I think.

I’d rather have an unresolved problem but got a better understanding of the situation while trying to solve it, than solving a problem without understanding what I did. Because in the last case that problem will likely reappear.


No worries and no wasted time.

Occam’s razor, my friend. :slight_smile:


And yeah, I’ll own it :wink:

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