Transforming Sheet rows to documents

I realize that there is a means of converting a Sheet to a plain Text or an RTF file, but I have been unable to find among the scripts or workflows anything that easily runs through a sheet and creates an individual file (Text or RTF) from a record. Pointers?

Maybe I’m being dense at this hour of the evening, but what do you mean by “sheet”? A spreadsheet?

Sorry to be unclear. Yes, a table / spreadsheet. (I believe all the documentation refers to the document type as a ‘Sheet’.

Perhaps I’m the one who’s overlooking something obvious, but other than manually highlighting a row in the (spread)sheet and dragging it into a file, I’ve not found any means by which to (under programmatic control) convert the rows of a sheet into individual documents. I would assume that it’s workable using a script, with the possibility of using some of the row’s contents as meta-data (e.g. a URL, a creation date, tags, …)

= R