Transition …and deleting v2


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So this is interesting:

I went to install on my home PC. And I was able to install the app and open the database. But the database is short 79 items. And I got the error that I don’t have permission to install the plugins. And when I went to register the app, I got the message:

The entered license code is not valid for this application but it is for DEVONagent Pro 3.x. Please download and install DEVONagent Pro 3.x which will happily accept this license code.

It seems odd it’s telling me that I need to install the DEVONagent license in DEVONthink. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All I did was copy the license on my account page and paste it in to the license field. Let me double-check. MY BAD. I did copy the wrong license. Sigh…

And have you purchased DEVONagent Pro in the past?

Sorry. My fault. I just updated my original post. I DID copy the wrong license.

This seems telling:

On my home DB, I just check, and the Inbox count is 298, which is the same number as unread in the DTPO database. The total number in DTPO is 377.

The History smart group says 379, if that means anything.

Tags in Server says 260. Tags in DTPO says 260/327 (327??).

I clicked on the History smart group and selected one of the already read items, and then pressed ⌘-A. It says 379 items selected. So, there’s a diff between v2 and v3 with the Global Inbox showing all vs unread only. That’s cool. Not sure how I gained two extra items, but better extras than missing some!

So, on my home laptop, the only question is: Why can’t I install the plugins?
On my work laptop, why can’t I install the plugins, and why can’t I access the DB?
I assume the two will sync automatically once I start adding etc? I selected iCloud as my sync option.
Oh, and then I’ll delete DTTG and reinstall it to fix the duplicate tags problem.

I have new data:

On a lark, I shut down Server and relaunched it. The DB appeared!! I went to check the properties, but it was unavailable. So I choose File > Verify & Repair Database. It said everything was fine. But then I could choose File > Database Properties!

But now I have 299 unread items (where did the new one come from? I sure hope a sync will force it to match my home database) and 261 tags vs 260 @home (where did the extra tag come from?).

So far syncing doesn’t look like it’s creating parity between @home and @work.

Now my only questions are:

  1. Why can’t I install the plugins @home and @work? BTW, you have a bug: When I choose DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons, then click Install, it looks like nothing has happened. But If I click the Install Add-Ons dialog a second time (or if I ⌘-Tab away then back again), only then do I see the “Please quit Apple Mail” message. This is repeatable @home and @work.
  2. Why the discrepancy on unread and tag numbers—even though Database Properties for both are identical?

Not sure if this makes a difference, but it seems only the Inbox (unread) and Tags numbers are off, History, Recent, Filter Duplicates, and Automatci Locking are all identical. Sync isn’t bringing them to parity.

I have started using DTP3 with success most of the time. For some unknown reason my ScanSnap has started sending my scanned documents to a unwanted “Inbox” that is under the Global. The DPT3 2020 inbox is set up the way I want it and until recently working fine. I have removed several of the Application support items pertaining to DT2 and did a restart as you indicated above I haven’t changed anything in the ScanSnap Home Profiles. How do I get rid of of the unwanted “Inbox” and get it redirected to my
Desired DPT3 inbox.See below
screenshot_90 copy.pdf (54.7 KB)

Are you using the Metadata panel post-OCR?

PS: This thread is not about ScanSnap input into DEVONthink. Make sure to do searches and check the latest posts beforehand.

Yes, I am and selecting the same folder as always under the correct database above.

I am asking how to get rid of an unwanted inbox. I think it is the way I build my data base, which is large.

Thank you

This is an issue when using the Metadata panel and is currently under investigation. In the interim you can disable Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition or just process items from the Global Inbox after scanning. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

This worked for a while, a couple hours of work, then the application closed on its own and quit and I couldn’t get it back. I have rebooted my computer several times restart and total shutdown “Hard Boot”

I could get the application running but cannot open any data Base from the past. The Database is grayed out. I went to time machine to restore the application with no luck. I went through the “Verify and Repair”,
“Optimize the database”, and “Repair the database” under File. Any suggestions?
Thank You

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.