Trash Can folder in DT Pro

Re: Tuesday Tip: Add a trash can to your database

I love the idea of the trash can tip/suggestion in the Blog. I downloaded the trash can icon and duly set up a folder, replacing the folder icon with the trash can. Now all I need is a keyboard shortcut that will allow me to place a document into the “trash can” folder, rather than dragging it. Is this possible in DTP? :slight_smile:

There’s the contextual menu option, Move to… That’s what I use.

True, that isn’t a keyboard shortcut.

But under Leopard it may be possible to record Automator steps that would move any selected item(s) to that Trash group.

That done, the procedure could be saved as an application, using any name you like–such as a keystroke sequence.

One click on the Dock icon of that little application would move selected content to the Trash group.

Or launch the application from the keyboard using an application launcher.

Or use an appropriateiy named script to open the application.

Thanks Bill, but I wonder if you might consider introducing a straightforward trash can in the next release of DT with user-chooser key comb to move selected items there. Move to trash replacing straightforward delete (I have accidentally trashed one or two valuable docs in the past) would be very popular, I think. It allows for second thoughts before you empty the trash. This exists in SOHO Notes, by the way. Now, I am absolutely the last person to sing the praises of the extremely buggy SN, or its creators Chronos, whose approach to customer support makes Microsoft look like UNESCO, but their trash can is one of the few things I admire. :mrgreen:

Christian has previously noted that the next major release will likely include a database Trash, which will hold content sent to it until you deliberately clear it. :slight_smile:

Excellent! :smiley:

To get a shortcut you can use the following script:

using terms from application "DEVONthink Pro"
	tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
			set theSelection to the selection
			set TheGroup to current group
			set TheTrash to create location "/Trash"
			repeat with each in theSelection
				move record each from TheGroup to TheTrash
			end repeat
		end try
	end tell
end using terms from

Save the script into ~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink Pro/
Name the file “MoveToTrash___cmd-Option-ctrl-D.scpt” or somthing like it. Refresh the script menu from within DTP and use at your like.

Alternatively you might want to have a look at my Delete-Script in this thread: