Trash filling up?

Hi there,

Using DT Pro and noticed that there are many items in trash cans. There are actually 2 trash cans, Inbox and Company data base.
I am reluctant to delete those files, how did they get there?


Just like each volume in the Finder or each mailbox in Apple Mail has its own trash, each database has one too. The sidebar’s trash just merges them (just like the Dock does for all volumes).

Will anything be added to facilitate automatic Trash management? Either by size or time in the trash? Also, a preference for emptying the trash on exit would be a nice addition.


There are currently no such plans.

Bummer. Thanks for the info though!

How about an option to turn off the “Are you sure you want to remove…” warning dialog when emptying the Trash? OS X has such an option for the Finder’s trash. I think the warning is good to have on by default, to assure that users understand what’s about to happen, but it gets old after a while.