Trash folder reindexing

For the life of me a trash folder reindexes/updates every time I empty the trash. This happened when I indexed a folder for a while before deleting it from one of my databases. Any clues?

Maybe you deleted a group that is locked and/or that group contains locked items. Or maybe the group that’s updating the index isn’t in the trash but somewhere else. Use global Search to find it.

I don’t know how to use Global Search for this particular purpose. What settings should I use to find the group that’s updating the index?

The name of the group.

Yes, but nothing turned up. Should I make a smart folder for locked items to see if any one is dictating the whole folder so to speak?

It occurred to me that I am using names for indexed folders in DT other than the source folders named in Finder, which have prevented me from quickly locating the culprit. I will see if this is the problem, thanks.

If you’ve emptied the trash and something is stuck there, it’s not complicated to merely go to DEVONthink’s Trash and browse through it – the Search suggestion was just a short way of doing that. Just look at the Trash.

problem solved, thanks