Trash will not empty

[attachmed them, they all as far as I thought moved to the computer trashcan and I emptied that. I shut down DTPO, when I reopened it later I found that in the trash there still were these items listed but not the full images, it looks like this:

When I again try to empty the DTPOffice Trash the application quits. I would be grateful for any ideas how to rectify this situation.



As an addendum this has now become urgent as things are mounting up in the Trash that I can not empty, it is not only the items I mentioned in my first posting but also any ‘new’ items added to Trash. Most grateful for help on this one! Thanks.

This is unfortunate. I suggest you open a ticket directly with Support (here or here or support_at_devontechnologies_dot_com), where you can get faster personalized troubleshooting and attention than the forum. Please save relevant console messages, and DEVONthink crash logs, and forward them to Support.

Thanks Korm for this, I have deleted the offending database on the external hard drive, (after extracting all the data) and this has cured the problem, my databases on the Macbook Pro are fine and the Trash empties as normal. I think it must have been something to do with the external drive—lesson learnt!