Travelling with my database question

Sorry if this is a dumb question - I’m a new user.

I’ve indexed the contents of my Mac’s hard drive (various projects in folders, jpgs, WORD files, PDFs, etc.), and now I’m busily sorting the contents of certain folders in DevonThink. It’s addictive.

Question: Am I right to assume that I can take this archive file (mainly indexed files) with me on my PowerBook and continue to work on SORTING my various project folders while on the road, and then simply move the archive file back to my desktop Mac when I return? I understand that I won’t be able to access the actual WORD files that are referenced in the index while on the road; I just want to continue working on sorting and classifying.

When I return, is there another step I need to take to keep things kosher with my the actual contents of my archive (“synchronize?”)?

Thanks in advance.

That’s correct.

Only if you’ve added/modified/deleted some indexed files/folders.

Thanks for the reply.

Does MOVING/SORTING count as “added/modified/deleted some indexed files/folders”?