Treat tags as custom metadata (in search)


custom metadata is great! even greater it is included in search!
I think tags really are (just another kind of) custom metadata one attaches to files.
accordingly I think it would be more coherent, and in anyway much helpful, to treat tags and custom metadata the same in relation to search(ability).


You already can search for tags and custom metadata in a search.

tags:blue, red
mdpmid:~12 (with md as a prefix for the custom metadata’s identifier)

See Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Prefixes for a list of all available prefixes.

thx Bluefrog. I am sorry for imprecise formulation in the first serve! :blush:
I was actually pointing to a different treatment of (new) custom metadata and tags (“old” custom metadata for my use/understanding) in the standard search.

currently “custom metadata” is included in standard search input (for any unqualified string; without prefix/operator) - tags is not, though qualitatively on the same information level (in many use cases).

the relevant difference this comes down to in my eyes: in the current setup you have to know that there is that tag. on the other hand the advantage of the way “custom metadata” is treated lets relevant documents that I annotated show up by default - i.e. w/o me explicitly adressing/knowing the metadata field, but generally searching for anything related to the term X in my database.

– maybe it would be helpful to have both ways as option? definitely given my heavy reliance on custom metadata of all kinds (including tags) makes the current behaviour prone to confusion/obstrusive search results.

  • hope that specification make sense to you?

Tags are included in this case too since version 3.0.

thanks Christian for clarifying this, or rather pointing it out.
I just checked again, and: yes!
that is great. thanks for that.

I don´t know whether I overlooked this behavior or whether there was some other thing in beta 1 or the set-up that made me not see this in my first quick test.

overall, very impressive direction DT is taking! good energies for the completion!


Thanks, more time/energy would be really useful :slight_smile: