Triaging General Inbox and tagging

I tend to push a lot of things to Devonthink Inbox from other apps (both on mobile and desktop) which then I triage once a week, ala GTD. Triaging means: defining if worth reading, keeping, etc. and refining metadata (name & tags mostly).

Now, if I understand well, tags are proper to every DB and since the Global Inbox is a specific DB, I cannot tag with tags of other DBs. Which is kind-of on my way. Since I would like to stay in the Global Inbox when triaging, tag in-place an move to target group and DB, without leaving the global inbox.

How do people cope with that limitation? How do you perform the triage of Inbox stuff?

Autocompletion of tags in the global inbox actually uses the tags of all databases.

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You’re right it is the fact for DT3b6, but it does not seem to be so for DTTG. Am I right?

Correct. DEVONthink To Go is on a different development cycle as DEVONthink.

Version 3.3.2 implements this together with much faster and better tag suggestions.


Is this why I’ve seen DTTG suggestings tags that I’ve used on similar items, but aren’t actually in Global Inbox anymore? --seems much more helpful the last few days.

No, version 3.3.2 is not yet out :slight_smile:

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I think you’re just falling a little more in love with DEVONthink To Go :heart: :wink:



Could be true!

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