Trick: How to simulate Smart Groups on DTTG

Missing Smart Groups on DTTG? Well, a way to simulate them is to use TextExpander snippets with complete searches! :slight_smile:

I have, for example, in TextExpander a snippet “tags:to-read AND tags:statistics” mapped to the shortcut “,dsr”.

So in DTTG on the iPad I just go to Search and type the shortcut “,dsr” (making sure I am on the TextExpander keyboard because DTTG does not support TextExpander itself) and - voila! - I see all Stats documents I want to read!

That’s pretty slick! Nice suggestion.

Actually, DEVONthink To Go does support TextExpander — it’s just not activated for the search field. We didn’t anticipate your way of using it. Added to feature requests.

Yes, of course, I didn’t make that clear enough. - And it is very handy to be able to use TE snippets from the normal keyboard when writing a DTTG note. (I have TE snippets/templates in Markdown for workshops I attended, lectures I listened to, movies I watched, etc…)