Trouble adding to DEVONthink

I just downloaded the trial versions of both DA and DTpro. Everything working fine except I have no ability to “add to DEVONthink” from DA. I can click the appropriate drop-down, but nothing shows up in DT.



Both DEVONagent and DEVONthink Pro use OS X Services for communication with each other and with other applications (and other means, as well).

Newly installed applications require a logout/login or restart in order to enable their Services.


Only just started playing with DA and DT. Apologies for newbie question. Have successfully done a DA search. However I also am having trouble getting DA and DT to talk to each other: lots of faded grey non-operative menu items, and can’t send search results (97 items) to DT. Have tried restarting. No luck. When I installed DA and DT, there were blue extras folders in the installer. Should I have done something with them?

Suggestions gratefully received. Am on OSX 10.4.11

Please ensure that there’s only one copy of DEVONthink and that it’s located in the /Applications folder.