Trouble appending rich text to DT

I’m new to DT and DA and testing both. Like 'em both but have trouble with some things: the first time I select a block of text in Safari and use Services menu to append a rich text note to an open DT file, it works okay. But the second time, the system beeps and I get no copy of the document. Any idea why?


Do you have an example URL for me? In addition, which service did you use (Take plain/rich note or append plain/rich note)? Thanks!


I tried selecting text from this thread, as an example. But your comment helped me solve the problem. I was using Append Rich Text. I thought each selection would create a separate note in DT. However, the second time I invoke it, the text appends to the note created by the first use. I didn’t see it until now. So I tried Take Note and it creates a separate note, which is what I thought would happen with Append Note.

When I looked at the choices originally, I thought Take Note would add text to the clipboard and Append Note would add a new note to the open DT file. Guess I shoulda RTFM.

BTW, this is a phenomenal program!