Trouble closing Devon Agent

Does anyone else experience trouble with DevonAgent program closing after it’s been open and in use for awhile? I consistently have to force quit to get out of the program, and if I ever shut down my computer without closing the program, it hangs up the shut down.

You probably have Preferences > Search - General configured with ‘Cache downloaded pages’ and ‘Clear cache on quit’ checked.

DEVONagent can build up very large caches during searches. The delay you are seeing is caused by clearing those caches.

One way to avoid that is to invoke the ‘Empty Cache’ command (Option-Command-E) manually after you have completed a search. There may be a delay at this time, but it won’t result in a timeout of a restart or shutdown; you can check Mail or do something else while the caches is cleared.

Or, uncheck either or both of those preferences.

I’ve got both those preferences set. There are times when searching the cache saves a lot of time. Remember that if caches were never cleared and one does a lot of searches, this could eventually fill up a hard drive, so it’s a good idea to clear caches at some point.

Right you are Bill. Both checked. I’ll try to be a bit more patient and/or empty the cache manually after each search. Thanks for the solution.