trouble downloading a page of PDF's

Hi all - I have been trying to figure this one out this AM but have not had any luck yet.

There is a web site with a list of patents in PDF format that I would like to download:

Using the scanner setting “linked documents” I can see there are a number of PDF’s linked to the site with addresses such as:

I then choose “select all” and then I choose download and the files are put in the queue and they start downloading.

When I go to look at the downloaded files the name is not 1103817.pdf as I would expect. instead it is 1103817.pdf.html .

When i go to the link it looks like the PDF I am looking for is coming up in a frame?

So my question is, how can I get DA to download the actual PDF I am interested in without it getting confused.


R. Joe

Although the links end with a .pdf extension, they’re returning HTML pages embedding the PDF documents in a frame.

Thanks - so then the only way to download these files would be to do them individually?


R. Joe

My solution for this was to use a script. Open your DA scripts folder. Open the script “Linked JPEG Images (Download)___Cmd-Alt-J.scpt” in Script Editor. Do a “Save As” and call it “Download Linked PDF Images.” In the editor, replace “.jpg” and “.JPG” with “.pdf” and “.PDF”. Compile and save the script. When you reopen DA, you’ll have a script in the menu that downloads all the linked PDF files.