Trouble Importing Scans into Select Group

I’m [still] having trouble importing from my ScanSnap ix500 into a selected group within DT3 v3.0.4. This issue was reported earlier, back in May 2019. At that time it sounded like it was going to be investigated by the Development group. I haven’t seen any mention of a fix in the release notes so I’m assuming this is still an open issue.

My ScanSnap software (ScanSnap Manager v6.3 L70) has OCR turned off (Convert to Searchable PDF is unchecked) and DT3 is set to convert incoming scans to searchable PDF. In DT3 Preferences > Import > Destination is set to “Select group”. All the incoming scans are delivered to the global Inbox, even though I’ve specified a target group in the DT3 window that pops up during the import process.

Interestingly, if I turn OCR off in DT3 and on in ScanSnap Manager, the scanned file goes to the group I’ve selected. This matches the behavior reported by @rundeg last May.

I’m running macOS High Sierra (v10.13.6).

Are you using the Metadata panel post-OCR?


This has already been reported on the forums.
This is an issue when using the Metadata panel and is currently under investigation. In the interim you can disable Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition or just process items from the Global Inbox after scanning. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

OK. I’ve turned off entering metadata and the scanned file now goes to the group I select. Thank you for your help.

You’re very welcome. This should be addressed in the next maintenance release. :slight_smile: