trouble indexing documents in subfolders

When I use the index command for a folder which contains folders, most are indexed with zero content despite having documents within. Curiously, a small minority, seemingly at random, do get indexed with some of their content, but not all.

Is the index function supposed to work on folders within folders,etc.?

Les K

Yes, files in subfolders will be captured by the Index command.

But remember that if you have unchecked the option in Preferences > Import to capture unknown files, unknown file types will not be linked by the Index command. Remedy: Check that option.

See online Help:

Similarities between Import and Index

In either mode, (Import (copy) or Index (link)), DEVONthink Pro Office will capture (in other words: copy) the text of readable file types into the database for searching and analysis. Also, in either mode, DEVONthink Pro Office will completely ignore unrecognized file types unless the user has checked the option in Preferences > Import > File Types for ‘Unknown file types.’

If the ‘Unknown file types’ option is checked, the Import mode will copy unknown file types to the database package and the Index mode will link to the external files. In both cases a blank document will be created that links to the actual file on disk; no text will be captured, but the contents of the Info panel (Name, Path, Comment, etc.) will be searchable. This is convenient because you can keep all files related to your project or research together in your database instead of storing them in multiple places all over your computer.

Thank you. It seems to working now, although I don’t really know that I am doing anything differently. Thanks for the tip about the unknown type of folder.

Les K